I actually have seen a very good application for this technique in particular in Sanseiryu, I don't know how to call it other than to say it's interpeted sometimes as a type of takedown you see commonly in Goju kata, with a little variation from the standard.

Sorry to sound obnoxious here, but as you know who I train with, I am very comfortable which almost everything i've been shown in terms of bunkai. While I definitely appreciate your alternative view, I doubt we are gonna convince one another of the other's viewpoints on this subject exactly.

I will take a look at the article later, what little I glanced at looked interesting

Nothing obnoxious in your response Zach - it is an appropriate answer and we should all feel free to disagree. Your own confidence in your training methods is admirable and seems well thought through. This is a debate (and a friendly one) not kumite!

I'd love to see the application - I also do it as a take-down, so I suspect we're thinking of the same thing.

I feel free to disagree on a technical matter with some people I highly esteem - it doesn't mean I want to discount the value of their martial art in general. We're arguing a minor technicality and I find it odd when I'm confronted with anger by some people (no one here) "for daring to question x or y" - as if I'm somehow questioning everything else x or y does and not just a particular point.

I am a very analytical person and trained as a lawyer to boot, so I don't mind the cut and thrust of debate... If master x or y takes exception to my sincere attempts at analysis I'm afraid that's their problem. I don't take it personally if someone disagrees with me on a technical point - so long as they have an argument. I hate people disagreeing for the sake of it. I want them to convince me! My views are all susceptible to persuasion. What's the point of discussing things otherwise? I can write in a blog if I just want to rant and rave (which I do anyway!).