I assume you're talking about the Toguchi drill. If you are, my criticisms remain.

Nope, but I will look at them though.

It is not bunkai - it is a literal superimposition of attacks on the kata template. The kata was never designed to be a 2 person form.

I cant realy see that.


I've had very little "value" from this form, despite giving it a good go for almost 2 decades.

Well I actualy found the opposite. Plenty of value.

Sorry Jude - to me we're talking yesterday's technology.

The stuff I am doing I wouldnt know if it was yesterdays technology but regardless of that it works.

If you want something useful and don't like our embu,

Its not a case of dis-liking more its a case of a different direction.

look at Pat McCarthy's 2 person drills by way of comparison.

I quite like some of his drills. I suppose one day when his style is more wide spread I would go and train.

I would still keep doing what I am doing.
Its a different direction. How can I say? More of the Chinese infleunce with the Okinawan input. Which realy is a contrast to what I would normaly do.


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