Indeed Zach - others will cover the same ground. It would be highly unusual for my brother and I to be the only ones pursuing the same research. Pat McCarthy is just one who has formed similar views over the same period (different focus and result, but broadly in agreement).

However our drills and their bunkai do have their individual "stamp" - I'd know if someone copied them!

I wouldn't mind - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as we all know. But I hope my own lack of "self-promotion" for all these years hasn't resulted in someone else claiming my (or my brother's) work as their own! That wold be awful just from a personal perspective.

On the other hand it wouldn't affect me materially - I haven't even tried to sell myself on the "seminar" or "video" circuit nor do I have a particular interest in doing so (I doubt my health would allow it).

My brother once held a few seminars during a trip to Europe, but only for our students (our London branch) and some "friendly" dojos that we are in touch with.

I'm sure your sensei has his own ideas sources and drills. He probably thinks he can and has done a lot better than we have! This is only natural.