Questions: is it just me or does anyone else oppose the use of power breaking? Hasn't anyone else seen the horrific injuries that can result, the almost certainty of an old age riddled with arthritis. I have never done this but seen many students come to our kung fu class with very limited movement in their hands, deformed elbow joints and so on.l A friend of mine who's husband runs a karate school says that at some tournaments almost none of the older instructors can form a fist properly after years of abuse.
What's it all for?? Surely martial arts should teach us to respect our bodys not smash them into hard objects repeatedly.

The ability to break a board or a brick doesn't equate to martial skill. The most powerful strike is useless if blocked or avoided. Even if it does strike and hit its target it is likely to do more damage than the practitioner intended.

Some points for discussion there I think.