Hello TKD forum!
I'm a newbie migrating over from the Beginners Forums.

I am an adult who has decided to get into martial arts. I went through a painstaking effort of soul searching and researching various artforms etc.{Lol...It really did monopolize my time for a while}

Anyway though, I am happy to say that I have settled on TKD. I finally found what school I would like to attend{That process took longer than the soul searching}

I want to get some discussion started on the breaking aspect of TKD. I am a fan of boxing, so I was initially drawn to Muay Thai because they have the same training philosophy of boxing. Then when I started researching TKD, I was initially turned off to the concept of breaking boards.

My question is what are the benefits/philosophy behind breaking?{other than it looking cool}

My guess is that it helps you on a philosophical level in a "mind over matter" type of way.

My other guess is that it helps you to know when you have perfected your technique.

I'd like to hear from those of you who have already practiced TKD about how you feel breaking enhances the overall experience.

Ok....So I'm glad I've found these boards and am really excited that I am soon to be a part of the TKD community. I can't wait to start training!