So i was talking to a sheriff from texas on myspace the other day, he is into martial arts as well.. we were talking about using martial arts as a defensive tactic on the street against a perp, because i told him, a lot of my training is based on what we are allowed to use in the dept, anyway.. he claimed that the block be the last resort.. that i should learn more softer techniques.. now i agree that they are more softer techniques, but to make a comment like a block shoudl be the last resort?.. i have always trained that the block is the most important thing... while i am aware of the softer techniques, it all depends on what the perp is throwing.. or am i wrong?.. and we are speaking in the context of LE, that is why i posted it here, would it be unwise to block the perps punch or kick because it might leave bruises or something?...and i told this guy, not all the blocks i know, produce bruises and are hard
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