Medulaent/Jude33 - 20+ pages everytime you post something about this topic, people want to know. The only problem is that I join in hoping to learn something new and really only get some good assumptions and probabilities.

Interesting but nothing concret except obviously they already knew how to wrestl so it was no need to document it categorize the techniques or put it Kata as was with Te until Te became a commondity. With Judo and Jujitsu you could see why Japan wasn't interested in Tegumi.

Interesting but vauge, I'm usually not a nay sayer, but this time even though you stand in fine company Hanshi McCarthy, I'm with Shonuff, Mattj, Ed and others I say nay.

I suppose at some time more points will come up. There is a fair bit of history about Okinawa. The problem is it isnt just written in a History book.

I actualy enjoy these thread as it brings up new topics on both sides of the conversation such as the point you brought up. Then actualy reading between the lines, techique information, although put in a subtle way.

The questions of why?
Although some might not see these conversations that way.