so Karate crosstrained with JJ is evidence of ground submission grappling in Karate if you can find it in stand-up kata. got it.

I think I'll bow out of here, until more people show signs of knowing what circular logic is.

I hope you dont bow out for to long. The kind of feedback is good. If ever someone published anything then some of you guys are the best kind of critics.
You asked I told. Ed there isnt going to be 100 percent proof at this moment in time. I have already posted that.

And who is to say that all parts of every Okinawan kata are purely standing up?
There is one practiced by Okinawan karate ka where in parts the practioner is rolling about on the deck.

This kata is at the moment being looked at in greater detail
As to the reasons the practioner is rolling about.
I am afraid further questions on that specific kata are stonewalled untill such times it is worked out what is happening. Others with more knowledge about the kata are being requested.

With the stand up kata there are so many variations of the same kata.

So no proof against and no proof for.