Med - I agree with the others it does not prove that ground fighting is intergal part of Karate he mentined that even the Okinawans couldn't prove this but felt that maybe once it was. If wrestling was older then Karate wouldn't its presence be there since it was already being practiced as Karate was being devised. Really showing they were seperate and not a part of Karate training.

Its already been established that Okinawans has a submission wrestling sport or Childhood past time and he mentioned they were serious about it. He only contributed his past wrestling experience to enhancing his fitness and know how when dealing with multiples opponents.

So in essence his experience with wrestling is the same as mines it enhanced my fitness and strengthen my body adding to my ground game. But it was not a part of my Karate training though certain techniques you see comparison as in the fireman carry or kata gauruma which is a throw for example.

Good find but it only prove our point. There is no detailed Ground fighting/Osaekomiwaza in Karate's Kata.

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