Raul, out of curiousity how can you practice kyusho through bogu gear? I remember a thread a number of years ago on e-budo where a student (I believe) of Oyata's argued the opposite, that kyusho itself needs to be done sans gear to know you are actually hitting correctly. His school did do alot of Bogu, they just didn't view the kyusho as being viable through the gear was my understanding. I could be misremembering though, was a long time ago.

Obviously Bogu kumite and similar does a ton for fighting ability, I just don't see how you'd really be hitting 'points' through all that thick-ass stuff, I own a set of Ryu te bogu gear myself and I can't see it helping me know whether or not i'm hitting a point, that stuff is freakin' sturdy.

What is the training method for kyusho in ryukyu kempo?

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