That is my understanding as well. Thank you.

For those who wonder about training in motion, it is like other learning. You learn from the known to the related unknown. While a person may begin training from a static posed situation, one moves on to more motion. Many expectations and rules change when there is motion.

This is not unlike other karate. Beginners may start training their wrist grab releases from a static stance concentrating on mechanically what happens in the hands. Eventually one needs to do the release in motion to get out of the way of a strike from the other hand... add counter... add ... add... according to your style.

Of course it takes years of training and I respect folks like Paul Perez who has 12 years invested. I do not have that. Is this any different from other aspects of karate? One does not become competant to defend against a real perpetrator in a few lessons or a few years. It takes many years.
The older I get, the better I was!