"That is for certain people far, far to technical. When the fur is flying between an attacker and a defender depending on the nature of the attack, to my mind any k.o would result from the jaw bone being smashed. But I suppose that is depedent on the defenders training."

well, im only talking about hitting someone straight on the chin, which pushes the jaw back into the head, theres a nerve between the jaw bone and the skull where it connects, and when it gets shoved back from a straight punch it pinches this nerve and its lights out for a second. a very long, painfull second. i don't think a straight punch on the point of the chin is too much to ask a karate man to do.

"I think with certain things, particuler pressure points study different peoples training methods need to taken in to account."

i always aim for "weak spots" when striking, you get more bang for your buck/round house kick, lol.
its not supposed to make sense