there are about a half dozen or more points along the jaw that are considered preasure points, jude. the ko effect from a shot to the jaw results from a nerve being pinched when its struck.

That is for certain people far, far to technical. When the fur is flying between an attacker and a defender depending on the nature of the attack, to my mind any k.o would result from the jaw bone being smashed. But I suppose that is depedent on the defenders training.

another way to ko someone is you simply smash them in the noggen, it also results from slips and falls, when the head is struck hard enough to shake the brain into contact with the inside of the skull wall.

Smashing noggens in a none weapon defence as in if you mean the head of an attacker would be with soft tissue eg forearm, bottom of foot/ shoe so perhaps not realy enough blunt power for k.o. Should an attackers or even defenders head bouncing/ bounced off hard floor/ against a hard a surface does get the effects you described.

I think with certain things, particuler pressure points study different peoples training methods need to taken in to account.