Very good. I don't know with whom you are training or what teaching techniques, but stick to them. My humble opinion says PP has value. Pain makes believers.

I don't post new topics on the PP forum in fightingarts. I use 2 other PP forums where there are more PP practitioners and the atmosphere is friendlier towards people who value this art. Sometimes I'll get into a thread that someone else starts here, but I leave the discussion when the trolls take over.

If you are here and other practitioners hang around, maybe we can reclaim our forum here.

That would be interesting.

Here is what I know of pressure points.

The striking of pressure points for the use against an attacker should the attack justify the use of..

The jaw as stated somewhere I wouldnt consider as pure pressure point study as it is in the main a general target area that if struck normaly results in a ko. In most cases it would be difficult to connect as it is with out being realy specific as to where contact is made.

The forearms if struck hard enough can go numb.
The thigh area ditto.
Joints can be struck as opposed to submission techniques.
Back/ front/ side of the neck is another point that can have the desired effect.

Other than chokes arm bars etc thats it.

Ps,Its up to you but I would be inclined to (we can reclaim our forum here. ) ignore the trolls but if somethings sometimes get to be
unrealistic then I suppose trolling can be expected.


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