Any group such as the guardian Angels would be a toothless Tiger or put out of business because all of its members would be banged up.

Exactly why it wouldn't work. The authorities make it impossible to legally defend yourself. The police are the only people who can act to protect the population, if the government (effectively) takes away our rights to defend ourselves, they must bear the full responsibility for defending us (and even the police's hands are often tied). In the case of the Guardian Angels, they would probably all end up serving jail sentences for their criminal attempts to protect others.

This is the unfortunate reality. Much as I'd love to see the Guardian Angels assisting the local law enforcement, it's unlikely to happen.

The chavs aren't the problem, the problem is the policy makers. If people changed the way they voted and demanded changes, they might come about. I've not seen any major changes in the doublespeak policies of any of the political parties in the UK though.

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