You know your in a small dojo (and up too late) when...

Your ex wants you out the house and you are on the third floor of the cheapest motel polishing your boots and 3 dudes each of different ethnicity to the point where no one understands anything except rude hand gestures and you watch till the railing starts to buckle as they are intent on a 'Bambi' Motel version of MMA but either dont know MA or are too stoned to realize the dude in socks who breaks med size's bad choke on sparkplug and drops him on the ground then breaks tall skinny's (yes he did this) Ryote dori on sparkplug who then rudely swings at little ol me like those old plastic boxing person thumb controlled games and has to eat 6 sq foot of 3 story bad motel just so I dont have to try to do three person CPR...and the dojo is so small they realize what almost happened cause when they all get up they can all see the distant tarmac...sad but true...never seen 3 dudes splattered from at least 30 ft..."if I had a video cam tho.....HUMMM"

-Karl. Uh, avoid cheap motels and a spit polish @ 3am.
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