You know your in a small Aiki Dojo when...

*the peanut gallery's guest has to move so you may wait to be recognized and allowed on The mat when late.

*part of any tenkan technique requires you to look behind and around before the throw, oblivious to uke.

*the Master finds the office 'Occupied' and grabs some air-freshener

You know your in a small Dojo when

*sparring, the corner judges are in the corners of the room and you know the Ring Master had an Italian sub before class.

*new students, after learning how/when and where to bow also learn that the first student gets to wear The Gi Top, second gets The Gi pant and last must wash them at home.

*the yellow pages charge per letter and that is how the school was named "The Doj"

*the 16 oz gloves leave a lasting stench on your hands that only Acetone can remove

-Karl. I Love all the posts, can they be compiled into one form to copy and print???
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