-when you switch from 14 oz. uniforms to 6 oz. uniforms to save space.
-when the most frequently used command is "turn."
-you ride from the top floor to the bottom floor while sparring to practice balance. the person who isn't sparring has to hold the "door close" button.
-the only range of fighting you practice is "close quarter"
-the master conducts the class by cell phone so you have room to practice.
-the poor transfer from the WTF school was knocked out during sparring, not because someone kicked him in the head, but because he did a jump kick and hit the ceiling. just earlier he tried a flying sidekick and flew out the window.
-the master can afford to buy new mats every 2 months.
-the term "toothpick bo" is taken a little too literally.

I've wanted to post on this thread for a long time but i never thought of any until tonight.
Are you ok!?!? It was an accident! No really! I promise!