Before class can start you have to take down the kids fort in the dojang.

The poles in the middle of the dojang are routinely used in sparring for defensive purposes.

You'd get dizzy after running just a few laps around the dojang.

You have to rent another space for testing because there isn't enough room for the family members to watch.

The only air conditioning in the summer is a small fan in one of the windows, and in the winter the heater barely gets the room above freezing, on a good night.

You don't bother moving 10 feet from the dining room to the dojang to work on new pattern. Just kick over the table!

You know you are in a Rural Small Dojang when...

The main advertisement sign outside is the name on the mailbox, yet the school is a MAJOR landmark in town.

You loose most of your students for haying and sugaring.