Can any of you math wizzes estimate square feet.

-You take your shoes off upstairs.

-You can change the lightbulbs with your feet.

-The main advertisement sign outside the dojo is a street address

- You practice TKD but have eliminated " flying" techniques from the curriculum.

-The only staffs allowed in the dojo are the ones god gave you. No Bo katas in my dojo.

-You have to tell the guys to "take it easy" on the jump in Pinan godan.

-You have to pee in the backyard because your teenage daughters are blowdrying their hair both bathrooms.

-You CAN actually afford to put in mats.

-You would practice outside but that would violate your "home business" license from the village.

-Since your students can only do 4 front kicks before hitting a wall, they are very good at turning.

-You have 4 students and cannot accept any more.

- The storage closet doubles as a storage closet.

- 'mokuso' is interrupted by someone changing over a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer.

BUT... The number one way you know you are in a small dojo....

- When you finish class and your wife says to ALL your students "Did you guys get dinner yet?"