motivated by this thread:

You know you're in a small dojo when...

- you have to stand in line and wait your turn to take off your shoes.

- A scissor kick knocks out a lightbulb.

- Neighbors complain about the 'kiai-ing'.

- Bo practice is only on days that it's not raining.

- The main advertisement sign outside the dojo is a street address.

- you have to calculate mat replacement sizes using fractions.

- The 'bathroom' is a tree or dumpster.

- The change room doubles as a storage closet.

- The kamiza pictures are wallet-size.

- During stretching exercises you hear at least 5 times: "oh, sorry about that."

- You don't have enough floor space to do an entire Shotokan kata.

- 'mokuso' is interrupted by the noise of a wind gust hitting the building.