"Actually CXT my argument has not changed. In fact I laid it out in my last reply to Shonuff why don't you read it and addres sit directly."

"Actually" there Med--your last reply to shonuff is as follows:

"Actually, I don't belive that I ever said "win on the ground" I have simply reffered to not giving up and continuing to fight if put on the ground."

Well, I guess I can agree that its a good idea to not give up if taken to the ground----but what does that have to do with the topic at hand?
Forgive me but I fail to see the "case" I asked you for in that reply...perhaps you meant something else? Perhaps a different person? On a different thread?

If you either can't or won't answer my DIRECT questions---then I'm not sure what your hopeing to achive here...short of an exhibition of verbal/textual "dodge and weave" it would seem that you have no intention of actual discourse or discussion.

If you have an actual case with proper support and reasoning to make it would seem a very simple matter to simply lay it out so that I could see it....not get all shifty and snide and specifically direct me to "arguments" that are NOT were you said they would be.

Dude, just tell me what you belive and why you think it and what support you have for that POV, and where I can find it--or at least start looking.

Not really all that hard.

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