OK. This post is 3 parts: my morning routine, some problems I am having, and my goals. I'd like your comments and opinions.

I: My Routine

So, I started a new morning routine to exercise, stretch, and practice my hapkido. I made a website (housed on my computer) with an alarm clock (to wake me up) and to help organize and randomize (to keep my muscles guessing) my morning routine. It pulls up one exercise from each area I am working on, most I got from the book "The Underground Guide to Warrior Fitness" from RossTraining.com. These are the areas I work and the exercises I do in the morning. I do these for about 15 to 20 minutes. I dont get that much time in the mornings:

-Leg work: squats, dirty dog, lunges, inverted leg kicks..
I do 30-50 reps of ONE of these exercises, randomly pulled by my computer

-Plyometrics: squat jumps and variations, burpees, mountain climbers, russian dance, mountain runners, etc. I do one of these, right now, 10-20 times.

-Upper Body: diverbombers, pushups, t-pushups, leg pushups. A set of 30 of ONE of these right now.

-Abs/Back: many different crunch variations, planks, and holding positions. 30-50 reps, or hold for 30-60 seconds.

-Some stretches: leg swings, leg circles, back stretch, hip twists.

-Kicks: a variety. I do 3 different kicks, usually 5 slow each leg, and then 10 more each leg fast or normal speed.

I am going to incorporate some side kick stretches I got from http://youtube.com/watch?v=QG1v6pPt-4w soon. Right now, I'm not trying to do to much, so I only have a few exercises and do the whole routine once in the morning.

II: Problems

My main problem is a certain hip pain I have when I do splits (for stretching), spinning back kick, rounhouse, etc. Anything that requires me to lift my left leg higher than my hip, I feel a really sharp pain in my right hip, at the joint where the leg meets the groin. I'm only 24 so I don't think its osteosomething or other. What I would like to know is a good way to either diagnose what I am doing to hurt this part of my body, and good techniques for fixing the problem, i.e. good stretches. I will add these into my morning routine.

III: Goals.

My overall goals for this routine is to increase overall fitness, especially in the area of leg speed and eventually stamina. I plan on adding more plyometric exercises to the morning routine, as well as more core/ab ones too.