I am teaching about 12 students at a private school ages 5-9. I teach them tuesday and thursday right after school which is around 4 pm. I have been teaching them for about 4 months now. The issue i am having is that all of them have problem paying attention and focusing. I have done everything I can to get them to pay attention to me. I tried the fun way, and I tried the strict way, where if they as much look somewhere else I made them do 10 push ups as punishment.

I don't want to give up on them, but it seems like 1 hour before class, the school feeds like like 20 spoonful of sugar! Here is an example, one student kept poking another student and making noises. I told him that if he continued that I would take one of his stripe away. He eagerly said yes when I asked him to stop, but as soon as I turned around he started goofing off again. So, I made him do push ups and again he says he will pay attention. But before I even get the class to "set" he moves next to his classmate and pokes him again! Then two others would start dancing for some reason and then another one would suddenly just go to another spot!!

One class i spent with them just sitting down, criss cross, and not saying anything. We did this for like 8 minutes and I talked about how great leaders pay attention etx and how it would help them in life.etc etc..it went great!! But the minute I stand them all up, few will start goofing off again! moving around, asking to go to the bathroom, complaining that their stomach is hurting, needing to drink water..arrggg! I tried everything...even when i give them stars if they manage to pay attention even for a few seconds, that does not work..im desparate for any suggestions... sorry about the long post..