My favorite instruments are woodwinds and I play the western concert flute myself.

Then you might be interested in trying out the Chinese transverse flute, called the dizi . It's usually made of bamboo, but one of its varieties, called the tiedi, is entirely made of metal and relatively heavy. The reason for it is, that flute used to be meant as both a musical instrument AND a self-defense weapon. I personally own one that has the additional characteristic of a short blade fitted on one end, concealed by a removable segment of the flute (now how ninja-like is THAT? ). Because it's made of metal, its sound is very similar to that of your own instrument. Another Chinese transverse flute whose sound I particularly like is the bawu, but it has a lot less in common with the western concert flute (it's a free reed).

Some day I'll take pictures of all my Chinese woodwinds and post them. Too bad I can't put samples of how they sound as well...