For one indeed, as it's been said, if you are trying hard at anything involving "soft" practices then you are missing it. In time you'll get the hang of it, just keep at it.

However, having myself been frustratingly stuck at that point for some time, one trick i tried was ot forego the whole "mind of no mind" but and just set aside time to lie in my bed and stare at my ceiling with quiet/calming music.
Eventually, I reached a point where I found after just sitting there and absorbing the songs I could drift in and out of a mentally quieted state, and then drew on that feeling to full-on meditate. Soon after, I could even just fall into it without the music.

the biggest thing is relaxing, as about everyone and their brother's mother has said, and so if you are having difficulties work that out.

You'll get it if you want it somehow, I'm certain.
"Success is a process, not a destination. Have faith in your ability."~Bruce Lee