have you ever been as cynical as me - where I imagine the people teaching Zen/Zendo, know the lingo, procedure and tradition (ie the mechanics)...but at the same time, they haven't a clue?

even get that feeling? persoanlly, I'm not sure why 'classes' are even required of 'Zendo'. why do you need formal training of something which occurs naturally? It's like the usefulness of 'natural childbirthing classes'...well, if it's natural, WHY does a couple need classes?

lol. Actually, I had sortof a unique combination: I participated in natural birthing classes in the US, but the actual birth was in Japan. what resulted was a natural birth that lasted 8 hours, and me, as a spectator trying to incorporate the US training - hyperventilating.

Same kind of thing is common in US-version Zendo (which means trained for a short time in Japan then returning to US. The tourist version of Zendo). It's hyperventalization.