2 weeks ago I had my first proper meditation class. Before then we had short 'meditation' periods after training every now and then, but this was a 'proper' class. Our teacher explained us what exactly meditation is, what you like to achieve and how you could get there.

What I really liked about the teacher, is how she explained everything. She told us that you should think of you consious mind as a 3-year old child, who is curious and wants to explore and run away. She said that your mind will drift off during meditation, especially for people who haven't done it before. The trick was not to get angry, or frustrated, but everytime it runs of 'just call the child back'. After a while your mind will stop wander and stay where it is.

I really liked her analogy, and it helped me to prevent getting frustrated with myself. I just corrected myself everytime is started drifting, and pulled myself back to the 'here and now'.

I don't know if this woudl work for you, but it did for me and the whoel meditation left me feeling extremely positive and uplifted.
Ichi Nichi Issho - one day, one lifetime