I have really no training in eastern martial arts, and the whole concept of meditation is a little foreign to me, however I am the kind of person who never looks down on a practice due to its place of origin.

Show this is how it went.

I stretched a bit as I was about to to seated meditation and need to get comfortable. I sat alone in a quite room with the lights dimmed and did my best to clear my mind of distracting thoughts.

I falied miserably...I mean you could not imagine the storm that evidently is raging in my thick skull. it was as if someone took an mp3 player and played a song looping only a specific portion of an overplayed song, mixed with whinning people, and a constant buzzing hum. I even tried to focus on counting breaths and focusing on a single word....


So I ask is there a good way to clear one's mind. Heck, I realize it isn't easy and if all it takes is constant practice, heck, i'll put in the work, but if there are strategies for better wyas to do this...please fill me in.


Still we've sighted only sea till now As we sail I sometimes wonder how far to Asgaard.