No problem, as I agree with some of the sentiment. However, while I agree no one usually joins for the federation, it is more because of the individual school, (price, location, class hours, reputation, instructor, style, emphasis, friend's recommendation etc.)! That being said, I joined based upon the recommendation of my friend. It happened to be that the school, a good, cheap, tuff place located real close, was an ITF school. It was there that I learned about having a certificate signed by the founder, even though I would have been happy to have anything my teacher signed indicating I was a BB.

My affinity for the ITF has more to do with it being the vehicle that supported or allowed the founder to spread his system to so many, including me. Being part of that group has put me in touch & afforded me the opportunity to make great friends all around the world. People who shared a common bond. It has also been a vehicle that gave me access to knowledge & pieces of paper that I have been proud to hang on my wall.

Now the nasty politics & dirty infighting that harms many groups, really was at its worst with the ITF. A big part of that is because of the real history of Korea & its geo-political affairs, something that fortunately didn't touch other MAs. Many are right to critique this facet of our Art. However I think I am beginning to understand somewhat of what the founder was trying to accomplish. Whether that belonged in the realm of the MAs can be debated. Over time, history will weigh in on this & I am inclined to think it will judge him honorably. JMHO

All in all, the journey has been very rewarding & fullfilling for me. I have always tried to keep from the politics, but Master White is again right. In the ITF that is so hard to do! I often have signs that I made the right decision. One was the occassions when my teacher & many old students from his school visited & commented on how we do things. That was like family being proud of how far we had come. Another was when a very important person in TKDs development told me how impressed he was.

So like most things in life, one usually gets stuck with the good & the bad. The trick is to try to minimize the bad, while getting the most out of the good. I do know 1 very important thing, I never, ever would have been exposed to anywhere near what I have been lucky to have been a part of, if my exposure was limited to my old school & the local tournaments we attended.

Absolutely! Nice Post!!! That's the thing I like most about you, you stick to your guns and articulate your view regardless if others agree with you or not. Good for You!


T. White