Darn!!! I missed it!

I know you and some others are devoted ITF fans and this birthday/anniversary may mean something to you and the others.

Although 'Federation' meant something to me 20 years ago, it means very, very little to me (if anything at all) now. When I started formal martial arts training I joined (my parents signed me up for) a local Judo club. I did not sign up to be a member of anything other than a student of these judo classes. The same with wrestling. When I got a little older and intially started TKD I joined because of the instructor(s), their abilities and what they were teaching, not anything to do with any "Federation". After training began and being heavily involved in competition I started becoming a 'believer' in "Federation". Any Federation is built by it's members to serve all it's members. After seeing the politics, ugliness and self-serving antics of various "Federations" (especially the ITF) I am no longer a fan of, nor feel that "federations" are there for it's members! The ITF or and federation never taught me TKD (or any martial arts) my instructors did! Therefore I don't find it necessary to celebrate the birth or anniversary of a "Federation" especially the ITF.

Just venting.



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T. White