First- agree totally w/ Kimo2007 and medulanet. As Kimo notes it depends on tourney and ring master, lost my 1st match as BB rank when (to my cool luck at US Open, Daytona back...well you may not have been born:) ) Superfoot Bill Wallace (he's shorter than I'd expected) Overruled and denied a 2pointer wheelkick to head because "I didn't see the head move enough I want more contact at this level"

Bagwork, preferably a used 100lb hanging (why used? there is usually a plastic bag of sawdust in a the mid of the stuffing and after its broken a slow gradation of resistance begins, soft at top-harder at mid-packed sawdust at bottom{great to condition shins elbows knuckles knees-IF ONE IS OLD ENOUGH-leading to my pontification)

The bones in a youth have not fully formed and cranial sutures not completely fixed, Body conditioning and thus FULL CONTACT impact for a youth is (in my limited medical experience) NOT GOOD (well ok, im a lersting sample of dane bramage and arthritic ugly knuckles)

Train well/train safe. Even a game of tag is teaching you Distance, Timing, Speed, Cadence, and the spinal reflex to strike before conscious thought. Peace. (Youth= 18-20)
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