I compete in sport point tournaments regularly (non-continuous). I'd like to try continuous--when we spar in class we do it that way, with, at most, an acknowledgement and glove tap after an obvious point. I like being able to go long enough to develop a rhythm. But sport point is fine with me; though I've found that the definitions of "light to moderate contact" and "good karate technique" vary tremendously from judge to judge. Since most of the tournaments I go to are sanctioned by an organization that encompasses a multitude of styles, that's not surprising, though. And I figure it's a good learning experience to have to adjust, anyway. <G>

One person commented about sport point matches being a balance contest, with competitors balancing on one leg waiting to kick their opponents away. I've fought some women who try that, but haven't found it to be an especially effective strategy against a more versatile fighter.

The thing I least like to see in competition is when people drop all pretense of technique and just start brawling. I haven't seen this in intermediate or above, just in the beginner divisions, but it's still disappointing. It makes me wonder if the competitors are just so terrified that they lose all control of their bodies.

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