I did a fair bit of competition, a good few years ago,

I started in semi contact, point stop sparring, then did a bit of semi contact continuos sparring, then did a bit of knockdown.

looking back they all had their challanges, if I were to compete again (which im not) or if my students wanted to have a go,

I would try to find a decent semi contact continuos tournament, preferably with a grappling element to submission.

In a sentance I found the -

point sparrig - very fast
continuos sparring - fast, hard work and painfull
knockdown - very painfull

it's not such a bad thing when done 'in perspective' IMO, the challange is good particulary for young students who want to have a go.

A few of my guys are looking to compete in something over the next couple of years so it's something im looking at.
Jim Neeter