I agree with some of Kimo's points. In fact, if you actually look at the rules of some of the tourneys it falls in line with what makes a good technique. For example I have been to point tournaments that do not necessarily penalize for dropping your opponent with a proper techinque. For example, just look at the rules in many open class tournaments about head shots. Light contact to the face and you are disqualified for causing redness/swelling and blood. That's fine, because in a real fight a broken/bloody nose, bloody lip, black eye, etc. will not stop a fight and you may pay for it on the counter attack. However, you can go harder to the sides of the head as long as you don't cause the head to "rock" back and forth. Shots to the temple and jaw can be utilized with proper technique to cause knockouts and drop you opponent without a rocking back of your opponent's head. Therefore, this may not necessarily be against the rules. Similar things can be found in many of the tourney rules to circumvent what may appear to be fouls but is actually good karate. Just look. Its really about what you want to gain from the activity.
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