I cant stand point-sparring because it doesnt prove anything, when it comes to martial arts. Its more of a balance competition, who can keep their leg up the longest. What martial art focuses on this? NONE... so whats the point, to get a medal?

While there is no question there is truth to point sparring often a game of tag, the point has been grossly overstated.

Personally I have not point sparred since the 80's but I can assure there were many tounaments that were no where near games of tag, it all depended on the organizer and often the center referee.

The concept was the blow had to be a fight ending/defining blow to count as a point, not a tap from a floppy round house as everyone loves to say.

As the sport grew and became more family friendly, there is no denying that in many circles point fighting was watered down to a game of tag, and thats the example everyone likes to reference when they completley dismiss a generation of combat sport.

That said, full contact is fine, but it's a false sense of combat as well. Getting tagged in the head with head gear and hand pads, is not really "full contact" it's full impact (kinda). Does it have value, of course but it's just another form of sport combat. It's as good or as bad as the people who are doing it.

Also, keep in mind point fighting was done with little or no padding back in the day and a medium strike to the head was as or more realistic to both fighters then a full contact strike with head gear and pads.

Personally I think either combat sport is fine when run by the right people or both can be junk if run by the wrong people.

I am just tired of hearing people say "I fight full contact" then walk onto the mat dressed like the stay puff marshmellow man.


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