Which do you perfer and why?

I have never been to a full contact tournament. I have seen videos but that's it. I might be able to go to one next month but I don't want to participate. I have been to two point sparring tournaments and participated in one. A waste of time and money I think. I got the experience if competeing but I got first place after sparring one guy. Come on, there was only three people in my division so I only got to fight one person. I was ready to just jump up and offer to pay to let me fight in the next weight class.

I didn't really like that point sparring tournament because some people lose the flavor of anything they have been trained and they stand there with their leg up and chambered ready to kick the second you get close enough.

I don't know, I don't like judging things but I'm just saying that the experience I got from the tournament wasn't good.
May the force be with you.