Being from Detroit and having boxed at the Kronx, I don't quite agree with this statement

" maybe just me but from my experience chain punuching works on people not use to being punched or hit."

I've spent time in front of solid Wing Chun guys who were just as effective as guys down at the Kronx (i.e with thier hands..)

I also don't think the statement is quite accurate"You mentioned stun being stun for a boxer is just boxing, he is going to give back."

And... "Alot of boxers will take a jab on top of the forehead to get in a heavy counter. People that are not afriad of contact chain punching aren't a good exchange with hip torque punuchers." This makes no sense....

Take the gloves off or use 4oz MMA gloves... Who here can take a solid shot on the forehead? From a jab yea but most wing Chun guys don't jab. And throwing a jab in a real fight against someone who knows the ground game just initiates a takedown.

Stunned is stunned...

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