I don't think that size has that much to do with some welterweights and most middleweight boxers hits pretty hard, WCers hit hard but don't torque their body much so delievery wise they don't hit as hard. You mentioned stun being stun for a boxer is just boxing, he is going to give back.

This maybe just me but from my experience chain punuching works on people not use to being punched or hit. The power comes from the body moving forward and the punch driving out in short circluar motions. A power over hand right or upppercut ends all that side steping hook or right cross ends all that in combo. Alot of boxers will take a jab on top of the forehead to get in a heavy counter. People that are not afriad of contact chain punching aren't a good exchange with hip torque punuchers. IMO.

To me WC hardest punch is the jutting pulling sliding forward punch.

I agree the full arsenal of WC gives it an advantage on the street out of gloves, but from the waist up except for elbows and finger jabs, boxers hands are more powerful, imo.

Jokgas the Greco trap as you call it sounds like something I'd like to explorer hitting and not getting hit without alot of footwork or head movement sounds like Me since I'm getting old. I like the duck under they do to get behind to do the arm lift throws over the shoulder throw Suplex its call I believe, reminds of Judos belt throws.

I agree mechanics of the punuch means a lot, 1st only counts if its a percises finger jab or points in a tournament.