...how are Greco wrestling traps done? And how are they differ then WC/JKD traps sounds more like Judo stance boxer clinches modified, rather then a temporaily limb immobilizing technique, so you can strike.

The ďtrapsĒ are just the various ways of attaining the control tie-ups. The bicep ties, underhooks, overhooks, wrist control, collar ties all lend themselves to the striking game very effectively.

If you gain the underhook on one side and a bicep tie on the other, you immobilize both arms and with leg positioning, you can control the opponentís body. This allows you to steer him around and strike while preventing him from doing the same.


Whats your O on Boxer vs. WC punching power comparsion? From a felt impact point of view. I felt gloved the boxer hits harder, maybe WC short & faster maybe. Boxers load up WC don't.

Boxers donít throw from their centerline the way many WC guys do. I think they get more power from their hips as a result. They can hit harder because of the gloves as well which protect the hands somewhat. Iíd give the edge in punching to boxers hands down because itís what they do. IMO, I donít think there is ANY art better than boxing for learning how to punch someone.