You put the boxer in a shell assuming he will over strategize and just move around.

Lets assume that they are both good fighters WC jab like lefts and rights are fast and compact but are not going compare punch for punch with the power of a boxer especially in gloves if there is a trade the boxer will win, eaisly if the WC guy isn't use to that kind of contact.

Out of gloves say in a SD as I stated its different the trade is the same I just feel that you can recover faster from a smashed nose then bil-gee to the eyes or throat, escpeically followed by a trip or leg destruction kick thats just my opinion.

But the abililty to asorb non vital target strikes (that happen more often then not) unless an exceptional durable WC man goes to the boxer because of his conditioning and training. The acception of some contact or hits to non vital area opens up counters for heavier counters.

Hopefully this not seen a slight on WC hopefully I given it its due also. This is just my opinion gloved WC doesn't hit as hard as Boxing and is too ridgetic.

Jokgas how are Greco wrestling traps done? And how are they differ then WC/JKD traps sounds more like Judo stance boxer clinches modified, rather then a temporaily limb immobilizing technique, so you can strike.

Whats your O on Boxer vs. WC punching power comparsion? From a felt impact point of view. I felt gloved the boxer hits harder, maybe WC short & faster maybe. Boxers load up WC don't.

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