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I also feel that most boxers stand too straight subjecting themselves to reaps, sweeps and throws. The purpose is to hide their chin on your shoulder or place weight upon you when they clinch which is prime for the above actions. The other Clinches even the Judo clinch one only needs to drop a hand to check the knee and they are loaded but away so you have to move in to reap.

If we’re talking “pure” boxing, I’d say that their stance is to narrow as well making them more vulnerable to takedowns. You also can’t stand in the middle distance and just unload either. Your combos should probably not go beyond three or four at most. In boxing, obviously you can get away with throwing a lot more. In a no rules setting, that’s going to get you taken down.


….I find it amusing that you have strayed from JKD and yet come to the same conclusion that Silat/Kali works if applied properly.

Well truthfully I really haven’t strayed from JKD. You could say that I’ve strayed from the Jun Fan core, but honestly, I believe I’m closer to the true spirit of JKD than I have ever been in my life.

In terms of kali-silat or any OTHER style; its all movement and body mechanics. The key is proper, athletic training methods and resistance. Once the delivery systems fundamentals are in place, you can do a lot of things that may have been virtually impossible before. I’m sure a fellow like Randy Couture can make silat work to a higher degree than a silat “master” could. And that’s not an exaggeration. The reason is because he has that close range/clinch delivery system in place. He (or anyone really) could add anything into the clinch and make it work because of that very fact.

So yes I think a lot of the movements in kali-silat can work because they’re just movements. Practice them in a dead manner though and you’re going to get pasted when you try them in sparring. Practice them from the standpoint of an alive delivery system and now you’ll see the openings and have the timing to take advantage of the technique.

I’ve hit the kenjit, putar kepala, foot traps and several other footsweeps during sparring sessions. It’s starting to come together a bit more for me. Not that I’m trying to do “silat” mind you….I’m really just working movements. Again that’s really all we have.


I also find it strange that one that profuse so much to live training can still be able to apply techniques from a dance/Silat patterns. Thats open minded good imo.

Well, lets remember that these movements are body mechanics that were put into dance/forms as an AFTERTHOUGHT! It wasn’t the “dance” that gave me the ability to perform them…it was the timing and body mechanics that I developed through boxing and wrestling in the clinch. I’ve never done the jurus and other forms. Hell, I’ve not performed a kata in well over 20 years! (and I can STILL fight somewhat well….imagine that, lol!)


When you say traps are you meaning checks, like placing your glove on a guys arm so he has to strike around it or pull away to strike? Or acutal grabs and holds so you can strike or manuerver?

Both really. Checking is done all the time by just getting to certain positions on the inside. Trapping by utilizing underhooks and overhooks, collar ties, etc.. Even wrist pummeling and hand fighting are always coming into play, but more from a Greco-Roman perspective. Grab and hit…its not overly complicated.


When I talk boxer I'm talking pure boxers not just a delivery system, just like there would be a difference in a WC man that practice BJJ or Thai boxing he would have a inside outside or outside med range game.

I understood where you were coming from. I just wanted to clarify to all that I look outside the boxing, “box” and expand it a little to include more things. The hands are definitely still boxing.