Stormdragon wrote:

JK, just curious, are you of the opinion that old time bare knuckle boxing was a less refined, and less effective version of modern boxing or just different because of the different rules but equal?

Old time boxing had nothing that the modern science has in terms of defense, evasive movement, footwork, etc. In that sense I would say it was definitely less refined. However as everything is relative, I’m sure there were some tough, tough fighters back in those days that would have been able to stand with anyone.

The thing is, we simply have better knowledge in this modern age. We have better athletes because we understand more about the science of training. I think this has done more to improve combat sports than “techniques and moves”. But to be quite honest, all we can do is speculate because none of us lived back in the day of John L. Sullivan.

Its very difficult to compare eras, and I don’t really want to. However I will say that I’m going to stay with the modern delivery system and pass on the old time one.