Just for a little background for my opinions. My old training partner was a former pro boxer. In addition one of the best known boxing/mma gyms in the country is on the same block. We have open mat time on the weekends and folks from there often stop by to play around a bit.
The wing chun you are talking about is exactly what I am referring to. Wing chun relies on proper use of the lower body. wing chun power generation compares very well vs boxing methods. The methods are different and it is much easier to learn boxing methods I think. Actually wing chun is supposed to be compact . You want to get up the other persons shirt.
Another thing folks forget is that covering is the basis for wing chun fighting. Most wing chun people dont seem to do this. Wing chun is very mobile so a boxers mobility should not be an issue.
I will say that since my wing chun is different than most of the Yip Man based wing chun you see so my perspective is different.