Maybe but how do you think WC relates to boxing as a power delivery system? Even in its most rough and tumble state gloved boxing will rip through a WC guy most times because of its compact and efficient method of delievery. Boxing and Karate imo has a more powerful delivery system, gloved.

Out of gloves and not using boxing rules is a different environment and the natural weapons of WC should prevail if you can get into a near clinch or clinch range or callapse a knee or hip joint, unless a mixed boxer he wouldn't know how to deal from there. But out at mid-range the boxers mobility & ability to reach outside in toward the center line at odd angles could hurt the strick ridged by comparison Wing Chun man imo.

This is from the mix matches I've witnessed. WC is good stuff but so is boxing, both has there strengths and weaknesses.

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