Lots of good stuff about training etc but so far no one is really talking about wing chun. wing chun isnt shapes. its not tan,bong, chain punch etc. Wing chun is about how to use the body. I know everyone thinks they know wing chun but there are large parts of the method missing. Most videos out there are just using wing chun shapes. Most wing chun that is taught is just the external shapes with maybe some lip service paid to body unity. Every thing is done to train speed and trap yet you almost never see any videos of this training being used against trained resisting people. You usally see something that looks like bad kickboxing. The reason is that they have only trained the external shapes.

Wing Chun is meant to be very mobile ,loose and relaxed. How often do you see wing chun done in this manner. Usually all you see is a static posed man sau stance and then forward stepping with fast chain punches followed by some type of follow up usually and elbow or a low kick. This application of wing chun will always have a problem when dealing with trained fighters whether they be boxers or MMA types.