I don't view "fighting" and "self defense" as synonymous.

I agree and I don’t either. In fact, I don’t use the term “self-defense” preferring instead to use the term, “self-preservation”. I think it’s more appropriate for the context outside of “fighting”. I mean, if we have to go hands on, we’ve really screwed the pooch earlier up the line, so to speak.


Most people who want to hurt you aren't gonna "fight" you, they are gonna do everything to stack the deck in their favor to not have to fight you, and still come out on top.

Anyone would do this…even in MMA. They want to win, they don’t want a close fight that might go to a decision against them. They are going to do anything and everything to come out on top. But of course, that’s MMA.

What you’re talking about is people not “having to fight you” and still “come out on top”. But you’re really being somewhat vague here. I’m imagining you’re talking about sucker attacks, etc. Of course, it’s hard to sucker punch someone who’s aware and isn’t allowing you to get the jump on you, etc. What then? All comes down to skill in application doesn’t it? Or else, not getting involved at all. Right?


Doesn't mean that MMA (or anything else) can't help, but it does mean there's no one to one relationship between MA and self defense IMO.

Forgive me for being stupid and unclear as to what you mean by no “one to one” relationship between MMA and self-defense. Are you talking about multiple attackers or something else? I’m not following you here.


If what you're after is me saying "yes MMA guys can defend themselves better than anyone" then i'm not gonna agree, if what you are saying is that "live" training scenarios can aid in physical self defense, I agree with that.

I don’t view things stylistically. MMA of course isn’t a style. It’s another tool like anything else. And of course everyone involved in MMA trains “alive”, which is completely necessary from a skill based perspective.

Sure, self-defense/preservation comes down to a lot of things that aren’t found within the sporting realm. However, that isn’t where I’m headed with this. One’s brain is his biggest weapon by far. I would prefer that to a solid left jab any day of the week.

Keep it coming though. I’m enjoying this conversation.