From what I have seen, street fights don't look anywhere NEARLY as clean and precise as do MMA fights. Thus, becoming good at MMA sparring would tend to create more functional use of technique FOR street fighting.

Sparring is simply fighting. Again, perhaps its just that the people you normally see in street fights aren't as skilled. Maybe that explains why you see things differently.

Just a thought.

I don't view "fighting" and "self defense" as synonymous.

Most people who want to hurt you aren't gonna "fight" you, they are gonna do everything to stack the deck in their favor to not have to fight you, and still come out on top.

Doesn't mean that MMA (or anything else) can't help, but it does mean there's no one to one relationship between MA and self defense IMO.

If what you're after is me saying "yes MMA guys can defend themselves better than anyone" then i'm not gonna agree, if what you are saying is that "live" training scenarios can aid in physical self defense, I agree with that.

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