Most times but alot of MAs loose who they are (can't feel or trap or check the moves as well) in gloves. As in your dirty boxing it better to wear MMA or fingerless gloves rather then boxing gloves to do that because you want to grab the head and uppercut or whatever.

Wing Chun and I like to grab certain parts of the arm or shoulder or shirt certainly you can't to that with boxing gloves on.

Agreed. I do the same thing when I am boxing. I grab the arm, the neck, underhook the arm, overhook the arm, etc. You can trap to a small degree with boxing gloves on but only for a brief moment. Thats fun though. Normally any trapping is going to occur while wearing the fingerless gloves. Obviously.


Boxing is more a unclinched match even in close they consider it resting or cheating to tie up without finding punching room. With us its just going into a different range.

Hows is your distance boxing compared to your dirty boxing (I know you're good at that)? Can you handle a good boxer unclinched?

All things being relative, I like to think that my distance game/long range is decent. I start out there and work a fair bit of counter punching. Of course I'm not just a boxer. I will throw in some leg kicks and savate stuff for good measure. I call the long range the "pot-shotting" distance.

Personally I like to work every range, so hopefully I would fair pretty well against someone who doesn't. We all know its a crapshoot. As soon as I box a better boxer, I'm going to get outboxed. Same is true for anything else. Its why we keep training isn't it?


A lot of MAs can't handle a real fast jab w/o attacking the legs, WC is one of the arts that you gotta come better then that because thats what they train for imho.

So yes we train in gloves sometimes, you don't walk around with gloves on so its best to learn to hit without them, even boxers. What do you say?

I think the fast jab should probably be one of the very first things that people learn to deal with. Its fundamental and is something that we teach people how to do within the first week of starting their training. But I find it odd that people training in "martial arts" would have a difficult time vs. a fast jab - yet I agree with you; I believe a lot of folks don't prepare adequately for an aggressive, skilled opponent. This is quite common.

Another thing that people do is that they prepare for a boxing-style "technique", but they don't train vs. a "boxer", etc. There's a difference as I see it. Case in point was a video clip seen here where a wing chun guy was training against a "left hook" (etc). That was it...just a left hook (it could have been ANY one technique). There was no set-up, no footwork, no feinting, no counter punching, etc. Just the left hook. And the guy throwing the left hook was getting his A$$ kicked time after time (it was "scripted" that way...they obviously knew before hand who was going to be the kicker and the kickee). I have a problem with that sort of training. It simply doesn't prepare a person as much as developing the entire standing delivery system would.

But again, I agree. We don't walk around with gloves on. That's for sure. And I believe that if all I person did was train boxing with big gloves on, he/she would certainly not be seeing the entire picture. Then again, the art of boxing isn't limited to it's competitive, rules based expression. With that in mind, I'd like to add that when I use the term "boxer", I'm obviously not just referring to the ring sport athlete. I am referring to anyone who practices stand-up fighting from a core boxing delivery system.

Nice post by the way. I'd like to start more conversation about "trapping" as we go.