Most times but alot of MAs loose who they are (can't feel or trap or check the moves as well) in gloves. As in your dirty boxing it better to wear MMA or fingerless gloves rather then boxing gloves to do that because you want to grab the head and uppercut or whatever.

Wing Chun and I like to grab certain parts of the arm or shoulder or shrit certainly you can't to that with boxing gloves on.

Boxing is more a unclinched match even in close they consider it resting or cheating to tie up without finding punching room. With us its just going into a different range.

Hows is your distance boxing compared to your dirty boxing (I know you're good at that)? Can you handle a good boxer unclinched?

A lot of MAs can't handle a real fast jab w/o attacking the legs, WC is one of the arts that you gotta come better then that because thats what they train for imho.

So yes we train in gloves sometimes, you don't walk around with gloves on so its best to learn to hit without them, even boxers. What do you say?

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